Gettin Hooded

I haven't been around since approximately high noon on Friday. Yes, folks, I've been one busy beeeyach. Because I chose to be a holiday sloth, I'm officially paying for it now. Unorganized would be the word for it I suppose. I buy, I wrap and I remember yet someone else I forgot to get a lil sumpin sumpin for. Dammit! I got sick of the cycle last night, broke down and made of list of nasty lasty gifts I have to fight the crowds for again tonight. But this will be it. Finito. Done. No mas.

But, enough bitching. Leave us get to the topic at hand.

My girl, OG, who has been my life partner for damn near 7 years, took on a MAJOR life altering challenge a short 18 months ago. In addition to her multiple master degrees, she decided she needed one more. YOU GO GIRL!

Anyway, all the pain and suffering of having absolutely zero time to go drinking or anything else has finally paid off!! The lovely OG has finally reached the destination of grad-u-ma-way-shun. I shared with she and her man the joy of the University of Tennessee Hooding Ceremony for the ProMBA graduates, class of 2007.

So what does an uber educated, top-notch executive look like after 18 months of scholarly hell look like?

Congratulations, lil mama!! You did it!!! Now... go get a high-level, senior executive position and take me along as your beeeyach!!


Jay said...

Congrats to OG! Very cool!

MsPuddin said...

Congrats! I’m jealous, one more semester for me!

Mike said...

Congrats to OG. I am sure she will put it all to good use.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

is so awesome , OG that is. As far as being a Christmas sloth, I have been there done that years ago and the for some reason as I get old and Grey, I grow up LOL now I just go ahead and do it, it's less painful that way, LOL
Hugs sexy diva

Anonymous said...

congrats to OG...well done young lady...Diva a Kenworth clears a big swath through a mall parking lot...just a suggestion...:):):)

Amy said...

That is awesome!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get the beeyach position!

Divalicious said...

Jay, very cool, indeed!!!

Ms.P, I hope it blazes by for you!

Mike, Good use.. yes, getting us both a power position would be good use!!! I'm workin on it!

Judy, Christmas sloth extrodinare here!!

Robert, need Kenworth now!

Amy, I don't mind being a well paid bbbbeeeeeyach at all!!