Seven Deadly Sins: LUST

In the 6th century, Pope Gregory the Great named the seven deadly as follows: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Vengeance, Envy, and Pride.

Lust, as defined at, is an intense sexual desire or appetite, or an uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or craving.I'm human.

I am admittedly full of lustful thoughts. I can't help it. God made me a catty creature. If I see somebody totally hot, male or female, I automatically think about how hot they are and become somewhat fervent.

Adultery? Cheating? Same thing… all of it, lumped into lust. Kissing a girl while dirty dancing? Yes. Lust. Dreaming about being in a hot tub with a gorgeous man during a thunderstorm? Yes. Lust.

I'm not saying I'd go out and have an affair or wicked one-night-stand with any hottie individual that came my way, no, at least not any more. What I am saying is that due to unsatisfying situations in my past, I have indulged in certain extra-curricular activities and enjoyed them immensely.

As a human creature, one has desires that might not be quenched without lust coming into play. Simply spelled out, if you’re not getting what you want and need at home, you’re going to go out and find it.

People can deny their corrupt human nature all they want. But it’s there inside all of us. It just depends on if one has the overwhelming urge to act on it.

Look at our politicians. Look at our Holy leaders. They all claim to be best friends with Jesus, then turn around and condemn one another shaking hands with the devil. As it turns out they are all just as guilty as the other. Come on, kids.

Brother Newt condemned Fast Willie and Monica for doing the deed. (Well kind of). Jimmy Swaggart was banging a prostitute while he condemned Jim Baker, who was having an affair behind his wife’s back.

So, I've decided that I'm going to embrace my human nature for what it is.


Friday the 13th

Today panned out to be a super day. Work was awesome. I stayed busy all day. We cleaned the office. I wrote OG’s paper and she was happy with it. Tony loves me, Tyler is here. Natalie and Amanda are good.

Tony said today to go get the papers and he’d marry me now.
He really must love me. Well, hell. What's not to love?


Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth


  • I went into sloth-remission last year and got into excellent shape.
  • I lost more than 70 pounds.
  • I was wearing slutty tight jeans and looking pretty good in them.
  • I had enough self-confidence that I even scared me a time or three.
  • I was attracting ample attention from the opposite sex.
  • I wasn’t the fat Pirate anymore.
  • I blended in well with the other girlies.
  • I was becoming a certified hottie patoddie.
Then… around turkey day… I lost my motivation or ate way to much turkey with dressing and punkin pie or something. I started eating everything in sight that even looked like it had a carb attached to it. I quit going to the gym like I was. My butt went from being touchably firm back to jiggly like a bowl of jello. Of course, poured into the jeans, nobody could tell. But I could tell. I’m still down several sizes from where I started. Thank God, because I gave all of my fat clothes away and bought new. They just don’t fit as comfortably as they did. I find myself having to hold my breath… ALOT! Didn’t take long before I started to get more and more miserable.

Now here it is summer. The season I spent the whole of last fall dreaming of, only to wake up and realize… I had failed. I’m not beach worthy. I’m not bathing suit worthy.
I honestly do know what the problem with my motivation is and I am actively working on a resolution to it. I couldn’t beat ’em, so I joined ’em.

I have quit with the Taco Bell, Papa John’s and Booger King. I have stopped sneaking into the kitchen and scarfing down a couple cookies here, a few chips there. And most importantly, I’m not just spending ungodly amounts of money on a gym membership. No longer will it just be an expense sucked out of my bank account. No.

I have started doing cardio and group exercise classes again. I have started eating healthy again. For my health’s sake.

I had forgotten how good I felt when I was working out and eating right. It wasn’t just the ability to wear skanky clothes. It’s more internal than that. I liked the way I felt. I had energy. I had attitude.

So, here I go again. Wish me luck. I have a wedding dress to fit into in 2 months and 19 days.