Jerry Springer Ain't Got Shit

Welcome friends and neighbors. I blog because the kinda shit my friends and family do out ranks Jerry Springer any day of the week.

I'm a 30-something newlywed and mom of 2 chicklets, a 2 year old grandson and a kitty with a personality disorder.

Now added to my menu is my man, a boy, a girl and a dog to add to the above listed...
We's like the Brady Bunch, just a big ol' disfunctional family with shit stirrin all the time.


Bling Bling from the Dog Pound

This page is a montage dedicated to the outpouring of love from the Dog Pound... some folks who have bestowed love of my ranting and bitching. Thanks, kids!!

Speedcat Hollydale shot this one my way for finding a naughty chicken and posting it!! Go me!

Judy over at Sugar Queen's Dream loves me cuz I make her blow sugar bubbles out her nose.

Bella blinged me cuz I give her something to think about!! Thanks, Bella!!!

Thanks, Robert ! I'm proud to be one of the Redneck Brigade!!

Tish blinged me as a Rockin Chick!

Olga doesn't know me all that well yet!! Thanks, you bodacious broad!!!!

Wooo!! A good buzz!!! Thanks again, Robert!

A lil sweet stuff from the Sugar Queen herself. Thanks, mamas!!

I'm glad Robert appreciates my one mad skill... bitchin!! Thanks, daddy-o!!

Tish gave me my first bling a long time back, thank you!!