Round Four ~ Won Tons, Manicotti & Haufbrau Haus Beer Garten

I wandered over to Speedcat Hollydale's page today for the first time. Interesting stuff.
In honor of this visit... I post a chicken!

I never realized eating in a forgein country would be so damn difficult.

First, I am the second pickiest bitch you will ever meet in your life, behind the boy of course... he'd have starved to death.

Ok, being the typical American tourist type, not to mention a closed minded, livin in the box kinda girl, I never realized that Chinese people that run a chinese restaurant in Germany wouldn't speak English.

It was odd to me that they spoke Chinese and German and not English.

Go figure, huh?

But, the place was across the street from our hotel, and smelled really, really good.

The only lucky part is the menu did have English, I can point and the chick could speak some limited broken English.

Chicken Won-Ton Soup: #3 on the menu.
Mini-Spring Roll: #2 on the menu.
Cashew Chicken: #42 on the menu.

Best Won-Ton Soup I ever have had... EVER.

Since I am afraid of anything ending in -wurst or-snitzel, I steered clear of tradtional German food.

God forbid I pork-penis-wurst or something like that.

I'm sure I'd yack.

It's not like I can translate German to English very well.

We were in Pforzheim the first several days:

So, we ate Chinese food at the same place on Sunday and Monday nights.

The Tuesday night, we switched off for some Itatlian. The spinich manacotti was yum and the wine was a-flowin.

Then Wednesday night, we were gonna give the Brazilian place a crack.

But I wussed out, paid for my beer and ran away. They couldn't speak the English and I couldn't figure out anything but shrimp from the Brazilian/German menu.

I don't do shrimp.

So, we ended up back at the Chinese place again, where we were greeted with..
"Hello. You wanta Coka Light and Hotta Tea, yes?"

With a sweet smile I tell her, "Of course and can we have the same table by the window?"

I know she had to be thinking... Crazy American bitch won't eat anything.

She's right. I have food fears.

Then we went to Hannover:

Thursday night we ate food from the hotel bar, which is always tasty with beer.

Bar food = GOOD.

Friday night, we had another awesome Italian dinner with the owner of my company.

Then to Munich:
Saturday night, I finally broke down.

Mommy & Me went to Haufbrau Haus Beer Garten in Munich.

It's one of the oldest original beer joints with 400 years o' history.

Oktoberfest was over. Missed it by a week.

But you couldn't tell it by the guy on the table who had a bucket on his head and was leading the whole place in a German ding dong sing-along.

After several pints of some the delicious brew, I was starting to pack a nice buzz.

So, I broke down and ate stewed steak smothered in roasted onions (DAYUM!!) and some kind of potatoes.

The beer was the best ever though. It didn't have that watery as piss taste to it.

Sunday night, we found us another Chinese place. It was pretty tasty and it overlooked downtown Munich..

So, I guess I totally blew the opportunity to expand my culinary palate...

I suck. If it ain't Taco Bell, I don't want it.

I do know one thing for shizzly. Germany has the corner on the beer and ice cream markets. It was grub and I had my fair share.


Mike said...

I was in Germany for a month and gained 13 pounds. Oh yeah, German food is good.

Bella said...

Try visiting Mexico and living off of that food for a week!

I'm picky too. I DO like some German food though.

Can't go wrong with Italian!

:) Bella

Diva said...

Mike- Those onions with Steak were the tasty... but I gotta say, that brew was the bomb!

Bella- I'm just worried about the wurst. Mexico, I'm sure I'd starve. My sis came back last time with a nasty little bug that loved her long time even after 3 rounds of anti-biotics.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I may be the un-pickiest eater ever to live on the planet. There are only 2 "NonAllowables" in my diet .... liver & radishes. Oddly enough, I'll down a liverwurst sammi - so go figure.
Do you really love Taco Bell??? I know I dooo. Spicy chicken burrito anyone?? (I tried to lick the ice cream cone one your post, but that didn't work out to well) Shucks :(

Thank you so much for dropping by and setting this fine chicken on display here. It fits in well with the rest of these culinary reviews.

You have a way with that camera of yours ... I really enjoyed the pictures here on Divalicious!!

Speedcat Chickendale

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

I wish to GAWD I'd been with you on this trip! OMG!Someday.....Dollyworld, right?!?

Nosjunkie said...

come on Divs German food rules

maverick said...

hmm...well so much beer flowing arnd..damn i need to get to germany indian food ever??

Anonymous said...

He's a sad little guy....awww ;-)

Diva said...

Speedcat- Love the chicken, do ya?? Taco Bell would bankrupt without me, no kiddin.

Olga- I, like you am a travellin mama, I'll give heads up next time.

Lee- Yes, peniswurst is da bomb.

Mav- I'm too much of a wuss to try indian food.

Robin- Hi there!

maverick said...

ha ha ha ....come over to india...u can get food that wont make u act like a wuss at all :)

This is Me. said...

I grew up in Bitburg (military brat) - I am so homesick for Germany, especially after reading this....try yagersnitzel, it's really good!! Enjoy and try a Bitburger Beer while you are there - it's a acquired taste but, fun to try and you get used to it!!

Diva said...

Mavs- No kidders, on my list of places to be before I drop dead.

Punch- Now I know I had some kinda snitzel, just not sure what kind.

Sugarqueensdream said...

I am enjoying my trip to the mother land or whatever Germany.... hugs