Hooters, Jolly Roger, Biker Underwear & A Naughty Chicken

It's Tuesday again kids and you know what that means!!! A naughty chicken in honor of my bachelorette party and Speedcat Hollydale's quest to bring joy to an otherwise boring existence.

Ya gotta love a bunch of Pirate Chicks along with those who dare to come along for the ride.

They never let a special event go by without celebrating with cake and alcohol.

Becky and Natalie decided that come hell or high water there should be a bachelorette party the week before the wedding.

Thank God they had the sense not to have the party the night before the wedding or I would have never made it.

Yes, my friends. I got soused.

Diva + cold beer + shots of jack = hangover city

It was a beautiful evening, not too hot, not too cold. We all met up at Hooters for dinner and a drink. It was nice. Our little waitresses were super sweet, although I must say, I honestly thought I'd see more tits and ass. Not that they weren't precious in their little Hooters gear, they were. But my 14 year old neice has more boobie and butt than these poor girls had.
Meet Ashley and Felicia:

The Hot boneless chicken tenders were tasty as all hell, my lips were nice and tingly for a while though. The girls decided to get me a cute little shirt to commemorate the joyous occassion.

In general, Hooters doesn't see many bachelorette parties, but they do get hoards of bachelor parties... So, they improvised and got the Bachelor Party Shirt and turned into a Bachelorette Party shirt that all the little girls in tight Hooter's shirts signed with loves n kisses.

We decided that it was time to continue on and move the festivities to Coyote Joe where Natalie and Holly had decorated and made it look like a scene from a slasher flick with the "Wild Girls- Caution" tape.
They adorned Diva with a princess tiara which boldly stated that I am indeed the Bride to Be... and if there was any question left due to the tiara being hiddeny by my hair which was erect like a hard penis, then the big Bride to Be button aptly placed between my breasts certainly gave it away.

So, we go in and invade the corner lot of CJ, nothing different there.

Olga made a real honest to God rum cake. It was a Jolly Roger, cuz she knows how pirates roll.

We love the booty, especially rum laced booty.

It was time to have a little fun. We had games on tap, and honestly, watching them set up the Pin the Bow-Tie on the Bachelor was more fun than playing it. Amanda gave the poster a hard on when she licked it from thigh to belly-button.

And Steph gave our bachelor a nice sized penis to look at...

We had Do the Dare Cards. The name alone implies that there will be some mischief going on.

I need to state that, I, as the bride to be, didn't do anything extreme.

Quite the contrary, I was very well behaved.

Four of the six cards I drew from the deck were completed by our sweetheart of a bouncer. God bless you, Steve-O!

Diva's cards dared her to:
-get the bouncer to laugh for 100 points. Done!
-get a hunk to give her a neck massage. Done!
-get the phone number of a hot guy. Done!
-get a man to show you a hidden tattoo. Done! It was on his upper thigh.
-get the bartender to give you a free drink. Done!
-find a guy, grab his ass, and tell him he has a nice ass. Done! Twice.
(Steph was witness. Two guys, two butts, double points!)

Here are some photos of the festivities! Enjoy!

Shawna found a baldguy & kissed him on top of his head.

Natalie and Amanda took the cake when they talked one of the big biker boys out of his drawers.


Bella said...

OMG, that was hilarious! Looks like ya'll had tons of fun!

We like to eat at Hooter's. Usually we go there everytime we go down to the beach. My boys tell me I need to work there.


Anonymous said...

I though somebody grabbed my butt!!!

Looks like a big ole time!

Mr. Fabulous said...

So...did you pick up an application for your niece? :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a super time!

Love all of the pictures that you posted!

I hope that biker dude had on a clean pair of underpants...

Diva said...

Bella- If I was a cupie doll I'd go work there. Love me some Hooters.

SS- We had a blast and most likely you did get your butt grabbed. LOL

Fab- Nah, she can fend for herself.

PP- We always take pictures, better for blackmail later. I'm not sure about the drawers... I didn't get anywhere near 'em.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Wild good fun ... I was in a Hooters a few months ago with the guys on a road trip for work - we were thrown out after 30 min. This is pretty good, considering that I don't even drink!

Jeff B said...

And you lived to tell about it!

Always a plus when going to a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Mike said...

Any time you can talk someone out of their drawers, it's a successful party.

maverick said...

@diva...u seemed to ve had a great time...keep the pics n the reports coming :)

Diva said...

Speedcat- We've never been bounced out of anywhere yet... even when we're collectively asking every brother in the bar for his choners.

Jeff- I'm not sure how. I had a pounding headache for 3 days.

Mike- Underwear jacking is a prerequisite to a successful shindig.

Mav- Thanks! We did indeed.

MadMad said...

Now that looks like a good time! Congrats! And hey, thanks for coming by and leaving a nice note!

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Damn... the girl knows how to party! I love the fact that you had your bachelorette party at Hooters. Hilarious.

The pirate cake was pretty sweet but I couldn't help but think that the cake I bought for my girlfriend's bachelorette would have been more suited to your event. It was a 2 foot, cream filled penis that had "To Have And To Hold" written on it.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Can you BELIEVE I've never been to HOOTERS yet?!?!? It's a damn shame. Maybe someday SOMEONE will take me there.......

Anonymous said...

see I knew it!
I'm just disappointed nobody came back for seconds!

Punch-Drunk said...

Looks like you had a good time!! Congrats on your wedding!! :O)

ATLLG said...

Damn I'm NEVER in Knoxville on the right night!

I love dares!

From what I remember my party was the week before as well. Other mistakes were still made two nights before however which didn't make some people happy.

But they still married me!

Diva said...

MadMad- On a constant quest to find something coolass to read!

IF- Ahhhh, I should have gotten a rum flavored penis cake... I would have held that thang.

Olga- When you come for your visit, I swear to take you to every hooters nearby in addition to being placed on the statue of Dolly!

SS- Turn it around baby!!

Punch- Thanks!! All the girls + lots of alcohol and dare cards = too much fun.

ATLLG- Ooopies and wooopsies which are forgiven are a gift!!

Anonymous said...

well that would take both hands!

Amy said...

I am so jealous - you always look like you are having a blast no matter where you go...

Anonymous said...

Hooters..whoohoo my favorite Gourmet restaurant...:)))))))))))

Diva said...

Amy- Life is but to have fun. The bad crap is to make fun of!

Robert- Yes, sir! Love me some Hooters!

MsPuddin said...

I went to a Hooters fo my very first time the other day. There was tits, but man those girls had NOOOOO booty....! lol