Piss Off, Buzz Kill

I've finally figured out that most of my knee shaking epiphanies hit me while my ass is firmly planted on a bar stoll. This past weekend was, without doubt, no different.
I finally realized why, in fact, my past few months have been, how shall I say, like stink on shit.

Although I'm extremely happy with Big T, I feel like I have lost myself somewhere along the way... I've packed on 20 pounds since I got married and my clothes are too tight... which has led to me being severly annoyed at everything... which led to my lack of tolerance to drama in any circle in my life. I got enough drama dealing with my ever expanding ass to deal with anybody elses bull-caca.

I've decided that all the petty bullshit and disharmony must be flushed from my life like a Biore strip removes the blackhead on a super model's ass.

I was in the midst of three different people, on three seperate occassions, having three separate issues during the long weekend, who, for whatever their reason, seem to tote sadness, misery and all out drama in their purses.

Swear to God, after number 2 acted up, I was seriously considering becoming a recluse and avoiding all humanity until these three got it together. Jeez.

My advice to them, get happy. Nobody wants to be around somebody who can't smile and just share in the happiness. The world does not spin on its little axis simply for you to be in the center of it, no. Your problems are no bigger than anybody else's. Get a grip, get a job. It's life, get one.

There is absolutely no sense what-so-ever in all this crap.

How's that? I just needed to get that off my chest. I'll put on my hater blockers, go have some Chai Tea and meditate.


Anonymous said...

Passing you a chill pill...c'mon it's CHRISTMAS!!! Cheer up!! Everything will work itself out.

And about the little poundage, I've gained too. I got on the tradmill tonight tho. It's a start...

Divalicious said...

FC&F - Thanks for the chill pill! I'm really not all that BAH HUMBUG, just annoyed at the piss and vinegar (two of these folks are immediate family) of which I can't forever avoid.

Woo! We may have been hoofin' it around the same time! (BTW, I've seen your picutres, sister, there's not an ounce of fat you!!)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

You are so damn funny! I laugh when ever I come for a visit, I think I'll just stay parked here so I can laugh all the time!
Hugs gorgeous!

MsPuddin said...

Damn one reason I don't want a man. I lose myself too. But at least you get laid, a lot...

Divalicious said...

SQD- You're so damn sweet to me. I loves when you are here!

Ms. P- Eh, sex at ones disposal is a good thing I reckon.