Somebody Please 'Splain This To Me??

How in the hell do folks roll in a vehicle when the music is so damn loud I can hear it from inside my office when they are a mile or more away??

Why am I concerning myself with such petty bullshit on a Friday afternoon, you ask?

Well, friends and neighbors, I'll tell ya why. I just got set off like I have a fire cracker up my ass and it's the 4th of July.

We have had our office location for nearly 7 years. We are located between Fade to Black Barber Shop and Vogue Hair Salon. Our only source of entertainment here is to watch the old ladies wander in and out of their weekly hair appointments and listen to the drama/comedy coming from the barber shop next door.

But,what really pains me like a full on titty twister in cold ass weather is when the good 'ol boys next door come driving up with that shit blarin' so loud that it rattles the windows in my office, not to mention their whole damn car.

I've even had customers (mind you I work with Doctors and Researchers and other esteemed individuals worldwide) ask me why I don't turn my music down before I bother the answer the phone.

I've busted out the front door of our office and sneered dirty looks that way. How fucking hard is it to have a little common sense and public decency to turn that shit down to the point where your whole car isn't shaking along with the ground under it.

I've come to the conclusion that these kids have something to prove to one another. In addition, the music gets cranked way loud right in front of said barber shop, because I reckon they feel it impressive to the rest of humanity.

Personally, I think the louder and more abnoxious the music is, the smaller the dick of said music master is.

5 comments: said...

Hey girl, so glad you've been enjoying my ramblings.

To answer your question, I find that for most people, it's very fucking hard to have any common sense about anything.

Thank you for reminding of titty twisters. What a wicked move!

Not a Granny said...

Sorry hon, at 47 years old I have no explanation.

We do counseling in my building for survivors of domestic violence. The bass driving by can be heard in the offices during sessions.

The worse part about all of this, when we had the new building built..county codes required that we plant some plants that face the road so that headlights when we are leaving would not interfer with the traffic on the side road. WTF

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

*Goddess* said...

I love it when the bass bounces their entire car.

Thank God for noise ordinances....

Anonymous said...

titty twisters...mmm sounds painfull...:):)...I agree with the dam boombox boys...I like music as well but that doesn't mean I can inflict it on anyone with in a ten block radius....

Divalicious said...

123Valerie- Titty twisters are hell on Earth. I cry just thinkin' about it like I guy cries just thinking about a graze of his nuts.

Not a Granny- Is it not ridiculous some of the codes and what not imposed when they can't even fix the stupid stuff from happening?

*goddess* - I've seen a boy at the place in question bust his back window... that's a lil too loud.