At the right time

First and foremost I have to say that we have all had our emotional trials and tribulations in the past year. Some way more serious and real than others, but none the less we've all rode that rollercoaster together.

Of course, all referring the pirates that have stuck together. You said that you felt empty and that you were a runner. Hello baby... we've all been there. Fact is, that not a single one of us can say we haven't shut out the important people in our lives and dwelled within our own self trying to find out what the hell is going on in our own little pirate heads. I will step up to the plate and admit that Diva did her fair share of melting down on occasion (wink wink) during 2006. Yes, we all had rumblings of dismay with each other here and there. Yes, we all kind of butted heads and we all kicked sand at the umpires.

We can argue. We can say things that might be bitchy or sarcastic (again, I've said my fair share of things that were totally bitchy since last February)... we can stray from our friends and withdraw. And sometimes all our TRUE friends can do is take a step back and let us deal with our demons, and eventually get over whatever it is that's bringing us down only to find our friends standing there, with open arms waiting to grab us back and tell us how much they love us now just like they always have... I, like you, am a proud yet humble and grateful recipient of that love. Back in the spring of 2006, when I first met you and Becky, I was hurting and alone and in such desperate need of TRUE FRIENDS that would love me, grow with me, kick me in the ass when I need it. And that is what I found when I found all y'all.

You know, when me and Tony found one another I was so thankful that it wasn't one minute sooner. I wasn't ready. I've come to realize, God blesses us with what we need... not when we want and ask for it, but when HE feels that our life is ready to share with another. Think back, if I had met Tony six months ago, do you really think I had it in me to nurture an infant relationship into love? We all know the answer to that one don't we.... Absolutely NO. I, like you, and Becky, and Robyn, was blessed with someone special when my life was in order to be shared.

Cheers to you, baby! For your ability to recognize, and conquer, your demons. Glad to have you back and estatic to see you happy.

Love ya!
The Diva